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You’re interested in a fireplace, but you’re a savvy shopper. You buy your winter clothing in late January as winter stuff is going on sale. Maybe you wait until fall to pick up the gardening implements you need next year. And you’re always looking out for great birthdays gifts that are on sale, whether the birthday is approaching or not.

Then, you might be looking to plan your fireplace purchase to maximize your savings, convenience, and options. We’ll let you in on two secrets: the best time to buy your fireplace is either right now or during the summer. Here’s why and some other things you need to know.

Why Buy Now?

You know you’re looking to buy a fireplace, so why wait? As with other aesthetic interior design choices, fireplace looks go in and out of style. If you’re seeing a fireplace that you like, it might not be around in a few seasons. If you see something you are really drawn to, it’s best to get it installed now.

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Why Buy in The Summer?

If you can, or want, to wait to buy your fireplace for the absolute best time, then let us suggest that you buy it during the summer. There are a few reasons why this will benefit you.

  • Technician time: Fireplace technicians are less busy in the summer. When they have fewer demands on their time, they may be more likely to go above and beyond. Spending more time on you and walking you through your various fireplace options. While every customer should get great customer service, the reality is that is easier for companies to provide that great service when they are less busy.
  • Options: Speaking of options, fireplace companies are more likely to have their entire range of fireplace options in stock over the summer when there is less demand for their product. If you want something that is highly popular and tends to sell out, you may have better luck in the summer.
  • Prepare for winter: If you get your fireplace installed in the summer you can be sure that it will be ready to enjoy during fall and winter as the temperature gets colder. Even in the rare case that something goes wrong with the installation, there is plenty of time for your technician to fix it before it gets cold.
  • Installation scheduling: Most fireplace installations are completed in the fall. So, during the summer, your fireplace technicians are less busy. With your technician’s open calendar, it’ll be easier for you to get the installation when it is most convenient for you.

Other Things You Should Know About Buying a Fireplace

Before you get the fireplace benefits, there are some other decisions you need to make, including:

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