Fire Table


Fire tables have become a beloved feature in many outdoor spaces. They look cool, they keep you warm and they serve as a focal point for gatherings. But can you roast food, like marshmallows, on them? The answer is yes, but with certain precautions. Let us explain. 

Safe Roasting on Fire Tables 

Generally, you can roast food on fire tables, including those fueled by gas. However, it’s best you follow safety guidelines and understand the specifics of your fire table. While wood or charcoal fire tables are straightforward for roasting, gas fire tables require careful consideration due to the potential for harmful chemical byproducts. 

Pure natural gas and propane flames are considered safe for roasting food because they burn cleanly and do not produce harmful residues. These fuels combust efficiently, releasing mainly water vapor and carbon dioxide, which do not contaminate food.   

When Not to Roast Food on Fire Tables 

  • Non-Cooking Fire Tables: Avoid roasting food on fire tables that are explicitly not designed for cooking, as they may contain components unsafe for food contact. 
  • Improper Fuel: Do not roast food over gas fire tables unless they are specified as food-safe. Do not roast if you’re unsure of the fuel.  
  • Windy Conditions: Wind can make flames unpredictable, increasing the risk of accidents. 

 Extra Safety Tips 

  • Supervise Children: Always keep an eye on children when roasting marshmallows to prevent accidents. 
  • Maintain Distance: Keep flammable materials and loose clothing away from the flames. 
  • Extinguish Properly: Ensure the fire is completely out after use to prevent accidental fires. 

Find The Perfect Food-Safe Fire Table Today 

Roasting marshmallows and other foods on fire tables can be a fun activity when done safely. Use the appropriate type of fire table and fuel, maintain cleanliness, and follow safety guidelines to enjoy a beloved outdoor experience. 

For high-quality fire tables designed for both ambiance and safe cooking, visit Ultimate Home Comfort. Our team will help you upgrade your outdoor space for the best summer nights.