The Complete Guide to Outdoor Fireplaces: Maintenance, Placement and Settings

Fireplaces aren’t just great options for indoors. You can add warmth, beauty and much more to your outdoor space with a dedicated fireplace just for it. Don’t know where to start? Then this guide can help. We’ll discuss where to place your outdoor fireplace, what settings you should consider and what kind of maintenance it will need. 

Fireplace Placement Ideas 

Gas and wood fireplaces are both great options for outside of your home, so long as they are placed safely. You want to be able to sit near them to enjoy them, but not all can be safely placed on a deck. It may be preferable to put your fireplace on a patio, which is less of a fire hazard than a wood deck. 

Where to Place an Outdoor Fireplace:

  • Fireplace facing the house: This setup allows you to enjoy the view of the fireplace from inside the house.
  • Fireplace facing away from the house: This can be a good idea if you want to create a focal point in the garden or yard.
  • Fireplace tucked away on an angle near seating: This offers a cozy, intimate setup for gatherings.

Places to Avoid for Outdoor Fireplaces:

  • Too close to greenery: Placing your fireplace near plants could potentially ignite them.
  • Near trees: Trees can be a fire hazard, especially if their branches hang over the fireplace.
  • Near other potential fire hazards: This can include wooden structures, flammable materials, or areas with dry foliage. Always make sure there’s a safe distance between the fireplace and any potentially flammable objects.

Outdoor Fireplace Settings 

If you’re using a wood fireplace there are no settings for you to worry about. You simply put in more wood to keep the fire going and let it burn down when you’re done. However, for gas and electric fireplaces, there are settings. You should not use any automatic starting features because you should not leave your flames unattended. This is especially true in the yard, where wild animals, pets, children, and even neighbours may access the fireplace. Otherwise, you can turn your fireplace up as much as you like and set it as you like. Contact the experts at Ultimate Home Comfort to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable space. 

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Maintenance on an Outdoor Fireplace 

Outdoor fireplaces need regular maintenance just like indoor fireplaces. The maintenance looks different if you have a wood-burning or gas fireplace. Wood burning fireplaces create more soot and creosote. You need to regularly remove ashes, and use a broom or a wet vacuum to clean up everything in and around the fireplace, especially making sure to keep the flue clear. You should do this every few uses of the fireplace and give it an especially deep clean with soap and water once per year. You could have a professional do this. 

Gas fireplaces also need professional maintenance at least once per year. They need to be cleaned of creosote and other debris regularly to ensure that they are safe. It’s also great to clean out the logs to keep it looking its best. 

Regardless of the type of outdoor fireplace you have, you should maintain the greenery around it carefully. Any overgrowth could increase your risk of a fire. Several times through the growing season, you should look into the state of the trees, grass and other greenery near the fireplace and trim it back. 

Bring Light to Your Backyard 

Ultimate Home Comfort can help you with everything you need to get your outdoor fireplace up and running and to keep it properly maintained and safe. Contact us for help with your outdoor fireplace today.