Offset Smoker Vs Kamado Vs Pellet Grills

Table of Contents 

  • What is an Offset Smoker? 
  • What is a Kamado Smoker? 
  • What is a Pellet Grill? 
  • Which Should You Choose? 

What is the difference between grills? It’s an important question to answer if you’re thinking of becoming the go-to griller or looking to upgrade your grilling game. When you’re making your decision, you may find it comes down to comparing an offset smoker vs kamado vs pellet grill. We will explain all three types below and help you make your decision. 

What is an Offset Smoker? 

An offset smoker is designed to smoke barbeque slowly, over low heat. It has a firebox on the side, which means the main cooking chamber and your food are not exposed to direct flame, but instead to the smoke created in the firebox. 

Offset smokers can cook a ton of delicious food with authentic smoked taste. However, they require a lot of work and adjustments, eat fuel quickly, and you need to invest if you want a quality one. Consider a traditional propane BBQ if this is an issue for you. Our team can help.  

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What is a Kamado Smoker? 

A kamado also relies on indirect cooking. The ceramic interior creates a current of heat (but only when the lid is closed) that heats up your food. Not only does it do “low and slow” cooking but it can also be put on higher temperatures to create other grilling experiences. 

The kamado is simple to use and makes some amazing foods. It gives you more flexibility, but it is also expensive (as is its fuel source). It may be easier to use than an offset smoker, but it is far from foolproof. 

What is a Pellet Grill? 

A pellet grill is a lesser-known grilling option that can be used to create authentic, wood-smoked delicacies. It feeds on wood pellets in a burn pot, and the heat and smoke are transferred evenly into the cooking chamber. 

Pellet grills cook more predictably than other options but their fuel source may be hard to find. They are also less suited for higher-temperature cooking than other methods. You may want to consider a traditional propane BBQ if this is an issue for you. We can even help you with propane! 

Which Should You Choose? 

Ultimately, which you should choose depends on your own personal comfort level, the fuels you can get access to, and the level of dedication you want to put into the smoking process. For the typical user, a propane grill may be the easiest solution for you and your family. Still, we have some recommendations: 

  • Offset smokers: Those who care most about authenticity of flavour, low and slow cooking, and who don’t mind fussing with their smoker to get it just right should consider the offset smoker.  
  • Kamado: Those who want the option to cook faster, don’t necessarily care about the authenticity of their smoke flavour, and are willing to invest in an expensive unit should consider the kamado. 
  • Pellet grill: Those who are beginners to smoking, or just want simplicity, have a lower budget, and have access to wood pellets should consider a pellet grill. 

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