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If you want to create a livable three-season outdoor space, adding an outdoor heat source takes your backyard to the next level. Here we compare patio heating options, and their costs, including propane heaters, fire tables/pits, and fireplaces for your Nova Scotia home. 

Propane Outdoor Heaters 

Outdoor propane heaters are a practical solution because they don’t require a hook-up to a gas line. Instead, they use propane gas tanks which last for about 10 hours per 20-litre tank. However, you might not be so keen on the industrial look of these basic heaters. Instead, homeowners can look for more sophisticated designs for backyard use.  

A good example is the tungsten gas heaters. They can heat up to three times more space than the average “mushroom” style propane heater. Homeowners love the sleek design, and the comforting radiant heat they provide covers up to 20 square meters. The heat remains focused even if winds reach up to 12km/hour thanks to the directional heat source. 

Ideal Use: Budget-friendly yet effective solution for smaller outdoor spaces, especially those where open flames are not permitted. 

Starting At: $200.00

Outdoor Propane Fire Pits and Tables 

Fire tables and pits not only add a heat source but a stunning focal point to your outdoor space. They can be placed anywhere in your yard as they run using propane. Unlike an outdoor heater, they offer the warm glow of a campfire, adding a cozy feel to your backyard gatherings without fussing with firewood, or the annoyance of smoke in your eyes.  

The fire table offers a practical solution with a stylish surface for glasses and snacks while fire pits are more like a traditional campfire. Both options come in a wide variety of designs, sizes, and materials allowing you to choose the style best suited to your outdoor design. You can also customize them with accessories to create your own unique look. Fire tables and pits are portable, meaning you take them with you when you move as a bonus. 

Ideal Use: Any backyard where open fires are permitted, and a natural gas hook-up is not available or desired. 

Starting At: $250.00

Outdoor Patio Gas Fireplace 

Outdoor fireplaces are the ultimate fire feature offering a permanent solution ideal for your forever home. Thanks to the gas hook-up, you can warm yourself without worrying about draining your propane tank or throwing another log on the fire. Not only will you enjoy all the warmth of an indoor fireplace, but also have a beautifully designed focal point for your backyard. Perfect for sheltered areas of your outdoor space, you’ll enjoy the look of a natural wood-burning flame. Designed for withstanding even the harshest weather of Nova Scotia, these rugged fireplaces look beautiful, yet withstand rain, sleet, snow, ice, and wind.  

You don’t require venting or a chimney, and your outdoor fireplace is ready to use with an easy connection to your gas line. The pros and cons of a fireplace are that on the plus side they offer an endless source of warmth, while on the negative side they are more costly than the other outdoor options. 

Ideal Use: Higher budget backyard designs where a gas line is available, and you want a permanent solution. 

Starting At: $150.00

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Propane 

The main advantage of propane is that it makes your heat source mobile without the cost of installation. As a result, you can move the heaters to the spots you need them, and take fire pits and tables with you when you move. 

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