Is it worth switching to a tankless water heater? 8 pros & cons

Whether it’s doing the dishes, the laundry, or soaking in a hot bath, most of us take our hot water for granted. However, how your hot water is heated impacts your energy costs. Because homeowners are looking for ways to conserve energy and reduce the cost of their energy bills, the tankless water heater has become more popular across Nova Scotia.   

So what is a tankless water heater? Tankless water heaters don’t waste energy keeping water hot. Instead, they only use energy when you turn on the hot water tap.  Here we offer the top eight tankless water heater advantages to help you decide if it’s right for you. 

1. You Get Water Hot Water on Demand 

Tankless water heaters heat water so fast that you have hot water on demand once the cold water in the pipes is drained. Some people may find the temperature of the water to be inconsistent when more than one tap is in use, but this is generally not the case with Bosch water heaters and similar high-quality units. 

2. Your Tankless System Lasts Longer 

Many people ask, “Is a tankless water heater worth the cost?” One of the pros of tankless water heaters is their longer lifespan. You won’t have to worry about costly replacements for upwards of 20 years, whereas the tank system only lasts about 10. Because there’s less wear and tear, tankless models last at least 20 years, and longer with good maintenance.  

3. Tankless Systems Reduce Monthly Energy Costs 

Although you may pay slightly more for your tankless system upfront, it lasts longer and saves energy costs. You don’t worry about “standby loss” like traditional units that use energy 24/7, keeping the water warm. Most storage tank heaters hold between 40 and 60 gallons of water. That water must be kept constantly heated for hot water to be available at all times. Consistently keeping that much water at a high temperature uses up a lot of energy, which will be reflected in your electric or gas bill.  

Tankless heaters, also known as “on-demand” heaters, don’t need to keep a large body of water constantly heated. Because they only heat water as needed, they use significantly less energy than storage tank units do. This savings in energy is better for the environment and also translates into savings on your energy bill. So when wondering, does hot water on demand save money, you do see long-time savings over the duration you own it. Keep in mind, homes using well water may need a water softener to keep the tankless system operating efficiently.    

4. They Take Up Nearly Zero Space 

Tankless water heaters take up almost zero space themselves as they are wall-mounted and don’t use a tank. However, if you install a water softener because your home uses well water, it will take up that space, so you may need to move some things around in your space. Speak to an expert at Ultimate Home Comfort today to find a hot water solution for your home. 

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5. Hot Water is Always Available 

Although you do have hot water available, in larger households you need to manage water usage. You may not want to run the shower and the dishwasher at the same time. The Bosch water heaters sold at Ultimate Home Comfort can provide enough hot water for two or three showers at the same time These models are excellent for households of 1-6 people. Several gallons can be heated at a time, providing enough for one person to shower, run the laundry or wash a load of dishes. In general, tankless water heaters provide hot water at a rate of 2–5 gallons (7.6–15.2 litres) per minute. Gas-fired tankless water heaters produce higher flow rates than electric ones. 

6. Your Choice of Electric or Gas Models 

You can choose between a gas or electric model to suit your needs. On average, 19% of the energy used in Canadian homes comes from the water heater – regardless of whether you have an electric vs. gas tankless water heater. Water heaters can be powered by gas, propane, fuel oil, or electricity. One of the dangers of tankless water heaters is the possibility of carbon monoxide leaks. This is only a risk with improper installation. If you are unsure of which type of water is best for your home, contact the experts at Ultimate Home Comfort today. 

7. Tankless Heaters Offer Longer Warranties 

Tankless water heaters are made to last with longer life and longer warranties. This provides peace of mind for years to come without the worry of paying for costly repairs. Keep in mind these energy savings do help offset the initial costs of a tankless water heater, to an extent. 

8. Perfect for Any Sized Household  

In any Nova Scotia household, a tankless system is an excellent option. They take up less space and provide enough hot water to cover your needs. With the correct tankless water heater from Ultimate Home Comfort, your entire family can enjoy hot water all day long. Speak to our experts to find out which water tank is right for you and your family.  

For more information about tankless water systems, speak to the Ultimate Home Comfort team today.